Ulb Ish

Young horseman from the Barrens traveling south to his tribe's Promised Home.


Ub lamented his predicament. Bereft of kin and kindness, he was travelling alone down the Kinemeet road when his luck suddenly changed. A strange young man, himself alone and travelling quietly at night, fell in beside him for a league or two. Ub’s ready smile and openness quickly won over his new companion and they began telling each other their stories.

Ub and his brothers had met with tragedy. To prove their manhood, the Rovers of the Barrens would raid the rich Promised Home and invading thieves who had settled there. Ub and his brothers were a day’s ride deep into the Bluff Hills when they came across a patrol of heavy infantry, men of Baron Skiven. A flung axe felled Ub’s mount and sent Ub flying headlong into the advancing wall of tower shields. Ub instantly fell to the ground unconscious. Left for dead, Ub awoke later in the day to find his kin and his horse dead upon the field. Despondent over his loss and too shamed to return home, Ub struck southward into the heart of the land now owned by the invaders.

A barbarian in a civilized land, people looked at Ub with suspicion. Wherever he went he became the subject of ridicule or worse. Casting about from town to town, Ub finally found himself in the city stockade at Rookroost. Behind bars in the most powerful city within the Bandit Kingdoms for a crime he did not commit, Ub plotted escape. A prison tour by Plar Fent provided him a rare opportunity. Ub strangled a guard, stole the keys to the common cell and fled. With nowhere to go, Ub continued southward along the Kinemeet road until he fell in with a fellow wanderer.

Ulb Ish

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