Dural Hied

Farrier turned fugitive when his Lady decided it was time to punish him by enslaving him.


Dural is the son of a groom at the stables of the Knights of the Shield within Deleven Keep. Although his immense size and Flannish ancestry cause others to think him dimwitted, Dural was an inquisitive child who took it upon himself to learn all he could from others. He was raised on tales of heroism and sorcery from the earliest age, and grew to long for a life of adventure. Being a peasant in the keep of the Knights, he befriended the only other children who would interact with him – other laborers and slave children. It is from his good friend Klorsh, a child of a half-breed goblin slave, that he learned the rudiments of the Goblinoid tongue.

As the wars with the devil worshipers of the Horned Society bore heavily on the Knights, the peasantry was conscripted into military service. Dural was shipped northward to the ill fated Siege of Ixworth to help shoe the heavy warhorses upon which the Knights rode. When the evil sorcerers summoned the Chained Horror, Kyton, Dural’s company was decimated. It is here that Dural proved his bravery by helping defeat a squad of hobgoblin warriors as they bore down upon Esquire Donova, a daughter of Sir Fonne and Initiate of the Knights of the Shield. Though Esquire Donova and Dural survived by fleeing the battle, she blamed her route upon Dural and punished him severely. Dural, now considered a slave and property of Esquire Donova, stole away from the Knights’ encampment on the Upper Yellowflow River. Sneaking past guards and into the night, Dural made his way northward to Hallorn in the Earldom of the Tangles.

While in Hallorn Dural met two kindred Shield Landers, Diego and Elva Rappal. They’d heard that the Castellan of Splinter Keep was providing yeoman sponsorship to whomever could bring him the heads of three orcs, goblins or similar monstrosities. As a yeoman Dural would be unfettered, freed from the stigma of enslavement and protected by whatever lord he chose to honor if Esquire Donova or the Knights ever came looking for him.

Dural Hied

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