Nim Uboulg

Mage striking off on his own to become a spell component merchant.


If a wizard is to make a name for himself he must study hard, find a steady job with a good patron, and use his meager resources wisely. Thus was Nim Uboulg instructed by the Venerable Prognosticator Alman Uboulg, Nim’s great grandmother and advisor to Plar Rehule of Rookroost. Grandma Alman passed on quietly in the night as her spirit roamed the Astral Plane in search of a means to enflame her waning life force. Nim studied hard, found an apprenticeship as a scribe in the Plar’s library, and set up a small laboratory of his own in a spare closet at home. All the while, Nim dreamt of testing his mettle on the battlefield rather than a boring desk job in the library.

Plar Rehule died of an arrow to the heart shortly after Nim began work in the library. The new Plar, Teuod Fent, was a wizard of some renown himself and had a thirst for spell components. Nim devised a plan of leaving the library and developing a trade in spell components After years of apprenticeship as a library scribe, Nim finally felt enough confidence to bring his plan to fruition. He hired two mercenary guards and struck off southward to the great Rift Canyon, a land rich in monsters and, consequently, magical spell components. Nary a day out of Rookroost, Nim’s camp was raided by Pholtunites from Dimre. He escaped with his life; but, his two hired swords were captured.

Nim was all too happy to see the barbarian warrior along the road and fell in beside him. If he could win over the barbarian as a friend he could possibly take protection until far enough away from the zealous Pholtunites. Istus had touched Nim, for the barbarian was wandering purposeless and hunted as well. The barbarian quickly agreed to travel to the Rift Canyon together and take a minor share of the spoils. This chance encounter could indeed turn into a fruitful partnership.

Nim Uboulg

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