Druid seeking the secret of a forest fighting back civilization.


Rain resented the presence of the human, but resigned herself to his insistent protection. Rain resented a lot of things. As a guardian of the Fellreev forest, she resented the snide comments and half-spoken insults of her full blooded elfin kin. Destined to age and die too quickly, none of her companions would become close to her or mate with her. She resented the humans of Free Keep for their overtures of peace to the sylvan clans of the forest. Humans wanted wood for charcoal or furniture or houses or their far off ships. Elves were desperately and forever at odds with the crude humans, and should never forge an alliance even when faced with common enemies. Most of all she resented the human blood running through her veins, her mother had fallen into forbidden love with the Yeev tribe’s shaman and given birth to Rain.

Rain refused to submit to the will of her elders. They wanted peace with the men of Free Keep. Rather than disobey and kill the rangers of Free Keep outright, she chose her own path. For time untold the Tangles forest had withstood encroachment by humankind. Although no elves lived within the Tangles, clearly the forest had a power of its own and could withstand the onslaught of civilization. She would travel to the Tangles and learn its secrets. Then she could return to the Fellreev triumphant and drive off humanity forever. Now, if only she could rid herself of this insolent dolt who refused to let her enter the forest on her own.


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