Diego Rappal

Tortured youth running from a mysterious past.


This slight youth is somber and skittish, constantly casting glances over his shoulder as if expecting to find someone sneaking up behind him. His fearful and brooding demeanor tends to invite others to avoid or intimidate Diego, to which he all to readily cringes and skulks away. Although he has a kind heart, a deeply troubled past weighs heavily upon him. He reserves his kindness only for those to whom he is close, such as his sister Elva. Diego rarely will disrobe in view of others due to the massive burn and lash scars that cover much of his body. The few burn scars on his face are all that most see of the torture Diego survived in the past.

Diego and Elva speak longingly of their home town, Adumndfort. Why they left, and why they act as though they will never return, is a secret both have kept dearly to themselves.

Diego Rappal

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