Elva Rappal

Passionate and kindhearted sister accompanying her troubled brother as he runs from his mysterious past.


This gentle young woman took refuge from her stern father in Adumndfort’s chapel of Pelor. The gentle, if poorly supported, priest of Pelor took the young child under his wing and succored her when she most needed help. Elva returned the rare kindness by dedicating herself to Pelor. She took to heart the preaching of compassion to the hurt and oppressed. Her zeal for the word of Pelor and the craft of healing quickly outgrew what the elder priest could provide. She soon began wandering the streets of Adumndfort, providing for the sick and giving her pennies to the hungry or weak.

Beyond Pelor, Elva’s only love is for her brother Diego. Although she feels deeply the pain of all she sees who suffer, her loyalty to and bond with Diego eclipses even her devotion to Pelor. When trouble brewed for Diego, the pair fled northward into the wild lands of the Bandit Kingdom. There they seek a place where they will both be safe and accepted.

Elva Rappal

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